TheftSpy Purchase is Secure
How can i purchase a license?
You can decide which package you want. Just check the features below to check which account suit your need. We highly recommend to buy the Premium-12-month Package.
Scroll down to the bottom of the Page to decide for your Package you want to buy.
You will buy a license which is only for one device but can be transfered to another one in case of stolen or new device. Before buying you need to read and accept the terms and conditions.

Features Basic Premium
10 Years
12 Month
6 Month
Track your Device via GPS and Network Yes Yes
Shoot hidden Camera Pictures Yes Yes
Shoot Screenshots as Root Yes Yes
Record with your Device's Microphone Yes Yes
Send Alarm, Text and Speechmessages Yes Yes
Wipe and encrypt your Data in Background Yes Yes
Grab all your Incoming and Outgoing calls Yes Yes
Grab, edit and delete your Device Contacts Yes Yes
Enable or disable the launchericon to make it hidden Yes Yes
Enable Deviceadmin for Uninstallprotection or Camshot while wrong Keyguard Attempt Yes Yes
Uninstall or Activate TheftSpy in Backend Yes Yes
Power off, reboot or lock your Device Yes Yes
Change your devicesettings, devicename or delete your device in Backend No Yes
Read and Write SMS and use your Contacts for easy Numberfind No Yes
Enable a Webserver on the Device to list all files No Yes
Grab your whatsapp chats without root No Yes
Grab your whatsapp contacts with root No Yes
Grab your complete Facebookchat with root (inclusive names and pictures) No Yes
Get all your pictures in sync with the Imagesynchroniser No Yes
Grab all the Videos in your device No Yes
Get all installed Tasks and start, kill or remove them No Yes
Get all installed Tasks and start, kill or remove them No Yes
Test all new Features as soon as they are in beta No Yes
Record video in the background completly hidden No Yes
10 Years
12 Month
6 Month